What is a Scavenger?

A scavenger port is where the contaminants that were removed from the intake air by the equipment’s OEM pre-cleaner go to be disposed of.

How is the dust disposed?

The dust is either removed by a venturi in the exhaust system or by a blower.

1. The exhaust scavenger uses its velocity past a venturi to suck the contaminants from the OEM pre-cleaner where they will end up being blown back to the atmosphere with the exhaust.

– OR –

2. A blower driven by the engine will use its suction to pull the contaminants from the OEM pre-cleaner and blow them back to the atmosphere

Why is it important to account for a scavenger when sizing a Redekop KAS for an engine?

A scavenging system on the intake will add additional airflow over and above what the engine requires. If unaccounted it may lead to selecting an undersized Redekop KAS pre-cleaner potentially resulting in earlier filter light activations and a loss of the fuel savings benefit of adding a Redekop KAS to the equipment.

Examples of Exhaust Scavengers

If you can identify a system like the ones in the examples below on your machine, you have a scavenger port.