2-Season Mill Wear Guarantee

Redekop has been working hard to design and build a mill that will give farmers a long-life, high wear capacity mill.

We have developed a proprietary mill coating that we are confident will last 2 full seasons under the toughest conditions. We are so confident we are offering a TWO season guarantee on the wear of the mills. If your Redekop SCU mills do not last two seasons or 1,100 engine hours, whichever comes first, we will replace the worn mill components free of charge.

How To Participate

  1. To be eligible for the Mill Wear Guarantee you must have purchased and installed a MY23 SCU. Both the SCU and the Redekop MAV SCU versions are eligible. This is a one-time replacement offer.
  2. Your SCU must be registered with Redekop Manufacturing. All that is required to register is to complete the warranty card included with your SCU. This can be done online – Warranty Registration.
  3. At the end of the first season a questionnaire will be sent to you. This must be completed by February 28th, 2024 to stay enrolled in the Mill Wear Guarantee Program. The questionnaire will ask basic questions regarding hours of operation, crops harvested, yield and general conditions.
  4. At the end of the 2023 harvest, you will be required to swap over the mills. Redekop rotors and stator are designed to be reversable thereby extending the life of the mills.

SCU Guarantee FAQs

  • What is covered?

    • The Redekop SCU Mill Wear Guarantee will cover the rotors and stators of the mill for two consecutive harvest seasons or 1,100 engine hours, whichever comes first.
    • Redekop may replace either the entire mill or the worn-out components. For example, if the outer stator is the only worn component the replacement parts will be for only the outer stator.

  • What is not covered?

    • The fan blades and scraper blades are not covered under the Mill Wear Guarantee program.
    • Labor to replace the worn components is not covered.
    • Damage done to the mill due to a foreign object.

  • What happens if my mills do not last the full two seasons?

    1. Notify Redekop and your local dealer of the mill wear concerns.
    2. Document the wear issues with pictures and forward to Redekop and your dealer.
    3. Redekop will review the wear issues and work with your local dealer to get replacement mill components to you.
    4. Mill replacement parts for the Mill Wear Guarantee will be supplied directly to the dealer by Redekop. All other replacement parts should be ordered through the normal parts channels.

Still have questions?

Talk to your dealer for more information.

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