When you choose a Redekop Seed Control Unit, you’re not just choosing a seed mill. You’re choosing an integrated
residue management system engineered to optimize your harvest process.


Redekop’s SCU is designed to minimize downtime and keep you moving at harvest time. Whether the SCU is paired with a Redekop MAV straw chopper or a factory equipped straw chopper the Seed Control Unit is designed to optimize residue spread.

  • Fully integrated design
  • Leverage your existing equipment
  • Integrated monitoring
  • Simple belt drive system
  • Kill your weeds and manage resistance blog
  • Put nutrients back into the field
  • SCU air velocity improves residue spread and distribution


Redekop products are designed to maximize performance capacity and reduce maintenance costs. Redekop’s mill components are engineered and independently tested to provide the best value and performance to farmers.

  • Simple belt drive system
  • Long life, high wear materials
  • Up to 98% kill rates based on third party independent testing


Redekop’s Seed Control Unit mill is designed to run in all conditions with minimal plugging; from heavy wet crops to lighter dry crops.

  • Integrated controls
  • Maximize throughput in all conditions
  • Optimal power use
  • One mill for all conditions
  • Disengage and re-engage the Seed Control Unit easily