Better Cut

  • Start sharp, stay sharp
  • Serrated edge provides superior cutting action in tough conditions
  • Noticeable increase in chop quality
  • Self-sharpening for the best straw-cutting action

Longer Life

  • Optimized, high-quality carbide coating for the longest life and sharpest cut
  • Reversible, carbide coated serrated design for twice the wear of some factory blades

Save Power

  • Carbide coating allows blades to self-sharpen and slice through straw with less force
  • Sharper blades cut straw more efficiently, conserving fuel and horsepower

More cut, less cost

Redekop blades not only cost less than OEM blades, with self-sharpening carbide technology they also last longer and require less energy, helping to reduce fuel consumption. Some are even reversible, getting you twice the acres out of every blade.


In addition to our high-quality Blade Upgrade Kits, Redekop also offers Replacement Blades. Redekop Replacement Blades offer you the same quality long-life blades to fit your standard factory chopper without the bolts, nuts and bushings.

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