The KAS Difference

  • Low air restriction for outstanding fuel economy and performance
  • Highest particulate removal efficiency to increase filter life
  • Drastic reductions in downtime and operating costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Redekop’s KAS offers value and performance.

Made with the highest quality components

Engineered for a perfect balance between low air restriction and the highest particulate removal efficiency.

And with as little as a 5 minute install time, equipment operators across North America are switching to the Redekop KAS in waves.

Because dirt, dust, debris and snow shouldn’t slow you down.

The lowest air

Independent A4 Test Dust
Air Restriction,
50g/hr Feed Rate

5X Dust

Independent A4 Test Dust
Hours to Pass 1000 grams,
50g/hr Feed Rate

Redekop KAS Sizing Calculator

Estimate Your Engine's Intake Air Flow using its Peak Horsepower

What does this mean?

Get the right Redekop KAS Pre-Cleaner for your engine:

Redekop KAS Precleaners Inlet Size Outside Diameter Height Weight
Model # CFM Range Inches mm Inches mm Inches mm LBS kg
KAS–004 175 - 400 4.04 102 8.50 216 6.77 172 2.9 1.30
KAS–005 275 - 600 5.04 128 10.63 270 8.46 215 5.1 2.33
KAS–006 400 - 850 6.06 154 12.80 325 10.12 257 8.1 3.66
KAS–007 600 - 1,300 7.06 180 14.93 379 11.80 300 11.5 5.22
KAS–008 850 - 1,700 8.06 205 17.42 442 13.77 350 15.5 7.03

“It was a relief to run the grader all day and not have to take the guys a replacement filter. The KAS pre-cleaners have been a game changer for sure.”

Andy Shooter
Foreman, RM of Francis No.127

“We work in dust and dirt all day. Costs are now controllable, we’re saving alot on fuel and maintenance. It’s so simple and I would recommend this to any diesel operator company.”

Neil Bruce
Maintenance Manager, Curtis Construction LTD

“In some of the harshest winter conditions we’ve seen, the KAS proved itself allowing us to achieve a 250-hour service interval – and upon inspecting the filter it was dry and able to head back out to work.”

RM of Leroy No.339
(150AWD plow Graders)


Clayton Rosaasen

Pre-Cleaner Business Development Representative
Mobile: 1-780-660-2673